On May 6th of current year at the IIA office was held the meeting by Board of Management… Print
Monday, 10 May 2010 14:24

On May of current year was held meeting of Board of Management, where have been discussed the following s issues:

1.     The results of discussed problems on the meeting with the head of Autonomous Republic of Adjara Mr. Levan Varshalomidze and the head of Investing Political department Mr. Zaza Gumberidze;  

2.     To organize supper for Association members, the potential candidate members and the representatives from the government;

3.     To strengthen combined forces to get new association members;

4.     The situation of the membership payments;

5.     To exclude “Doruk Nut and Food Company” from the membership;

6.     The information concerning the discount agreement with Sheraton;

7.    The issue concerning Tuberculosis hospital, as they asked for support;

8.    To make a decision on GPI Insurance Company’s membership;

9.    To make a decision on “Ortsva LTD” company’s membership;

10.  Information concerning Association employees and bonus issue;

11.  Other issues.

The meeting attended members of management board.