The Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry resumed issuance of the certificate of origin... Print
Friday, 09 July 2010 16:16

According to a joint order of the Minister of Finance of Georgia and the Minister of Economic Development of Georgia №890-№1-1/2978 as of December 30, 2009, the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was granted the right to resume issuance of the certificate of origin of goods.

If, prior to August 1, 2008 the Chamber only issued CT-1 certificate of origin of goods, the mentioned order entitled it to additionally issue three more certificates:

  1. Non-preferential certificate of origin;
  2. Preferential certificate of origin – form A;
  3. Preferential certificate of origin – EUR 1.

The Chamber has a many years' experience in issuance of certificates, which is a guarantee that our service will be prompt, high-quality and significantly preferential.

The period of issuance of the certificate by the Chamber, as well as the service charge (including VAT), will be determined in the following way:

-          if issuance of the certificate will take more than 2 working days – free of charge;

-          2 days – 20 GEL;

-          4-8 hours – 50 GEL;

-          1-3 hours – 75 GEL.