Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation plans the construction of oil refine factory in Georgia ... Print
Wednesday, 07 July 2010 17:32

Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation plans the construction of oil refine factory in Georgia. The corporation has announced the expression of interest within the planning-construction of oil refine factory. Consultant has to study the technical and economical opportunities of oil refine complex’s construction, which has to satisfy the financing demands of international financial institutions. Particularly, market analysis, determination of supply opportunities, determination of produced petroleum volume, estimation of profit and expenditure, the analysis of alternative decisions, risk analysis, development of Business plan and financial model, the estimation of infrastructure and service concerning the project, conceptual planning. Technical-economical substantiation prepared by consultant has to present the information about the estimation of possible influence of project on geographical environment, subscribe of legislative limitations and regulations and the enough information for forming of the tender documentation for further detailed projecting and construction.


Based on the information of Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, oil refine factory of Georgia does not work currently properly, country depends completely on imported oil products. Increasing demand on oil commodities on local and regional market and development of infrastructure creates the basis for existence of oil refine complex. The delivery of proposal will be able till 15 July.